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Hot and Cold Drinks

Where possible, our drinks are ethically sourced, fair trade and organic.

Tea-Time at Greyfriars

Pot or Mug of Tea   £1.00


Herbal, Aromatic or Speciality Tea   £1.20

Including: Early Grey, English Breakfast, Redbush or Rooibos, Camomile, Peppermint, Lemon & Ginger, Green Tea, Wild Berry and Decaffeinated Black Tea

Coffee-Lovers at Greyfriars

Decaffeinated Coffee and Soya Milk available


Mug of Filter Coffee (unlimited)   £1.30


Espresso/Double Espresso   £1.40/£1.80


Cappuccino   £1.50 (small)/£1.90 (large)


Latte   £1.50 (small)/£1.90 (large)


Café Mocha   £1.70 (small)/£2.10 (large)


Americano [Single, Double & Triple Shots]   £1.70 (small)/£2.10 (large)


Why not add one of the following?

Extra Shot of Coffee   £0.40


Flavoured Syrup   £0.40

Including French Vanilla, Caramel, Roasted Hazelnut or Amaretto (non-alcoholic)

Drinks Menu

Speciality Drinks at Greyfriars

Hot Chocolate [Optional Cream]   £1.60

Drink Me Spiced Chai Latte [De-caf]   £1.60

Friars' Fluffy  [Frothed Milk]   £0.90

Friars Fluffy + Syrup of your Choice   £1.20

Cold Drinks at Greyfriars

Glass of Cold Milk   £0.75

Mineral Water [Still or Sparkling]   £0.75

Cans or Ribena   £0.95

Juice [Orange, Apple or Cranberry]   £1.10

Frobishers Smoothies   £1.60

Pineapple, Banana & Passion fruit or Orange, Mango & Banana